A small Minetest mod, that adds some smaller additions to Minetest. This is my first Minetest mod.
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Minetest Additions

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This small Minetest mod adds some smaller additions to the game.

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  • Be able to burn tree blocks into charcoal inside a furnance to create additional fuel (one coal lump can burn 4 tree blocks to 4 additional charcoal. 1 charcoal has 50% of the burning duration of normal coal lumps, which means, that you can burn two charcoal with one charcoal).


Note: This mod is not yet added to the Minetest ContentDB due to not having much features yet. I will add more features from time to time and will then publish the mod in the ContentDB.

cd into your Minetest mods folder. For e.g.:

$ cd ~/.minetest/mods

If you're in your Minetest mods folder git clone the repo.

$ git clone https://code.canreal.net/braydofficial/minetest-additions.git

You can now start Minetest, activate the mod for your world and start the game. Have fun!


You can contribute with your ideas, bug reports, translations and more within this repo. Just create a pull request for your changes. Please use the branch "develop" for this. If you want to translate this mod be sure to add your translations to the .tr files under /locale/. At the moment translating is only possible within this repo. I do not use another website or service for this yet. Thank you for any contribution!


This mod is currently available in the following languages:

  • English
  • German